About Us

1. For new fans, give us a short bio of the band.

We’re four laid back dudes who like to rock out hard. We meld together tasty riffs with solid tones, and use our influence from the music we’re currently into to help drive our creative process; slamming heavy with a side of trippy.

Jesse (Guitar)

Dave (Bass)

Kyle (Drums)

Steve (Vocals)

2. Your band is currently a 4 piece, do you have any intentions on adding any other members, or any other roles to the band?

Steve: The band as a four piece is great for now. Four dedicated dudes who vibe/gel well as a group. Everyone has their part for now, and if a second guitar player were needed, then we would collectively hold an interview/tryout.

Jesse: The possibility is always there. We cycled through some musicians that just didn’t have the dedication or drive that we’ve been in able to find in just us four.

Dave: We have an unofficial 5th member; Josh Clark of Baltimore Metal Royalty “Seventh Seal”. He produces, records, and give us musical input/insight. We have made attempts at bringing in a 2nd guitarist, but we’ve all seemed to have agreed that we will continue to roll on, 4-strong at this time.

3. Being from Baltimore, with the high crime rate/killings, has that had any impact or influence on your music, or do you try and stay away from the politics and just play your music?

Jesse: We don’t let it affect us. Three of us are in Baltimore almost every day; we see the headlines. The city is so full of love. Get out and say “hi” to someone, and you’d be surprised to know that most people are great people! We keep politics out of our music, and are driven by daily occurrences in our everyday lives outside of current events.

Dave: We prefer to stay as unpolitical as possible and focus on the positives. Baltimore is all love, don’t let the headlines fool you.

Kyle: We stay out of trouble and keep our guns clean. It doesn’t influence our music too much. Our music is more of an outlet and an escape from all of the BS with day to day life.

4. What is the local Baltimore music scene like? Are you proud of your roots, and want to always represent, or do you see yourselves getting bigger and taking your music to another part of the country?

Dave: The scene is super friendly and everyone really does support each other. Somehow, everyone seems to know each other. We’re all extremely proud to represent “B-More” and even though our aspirations extend far beyond Baltimore, we will always stay true and represent our home town.

Jesse: Hell yeah we’re proud, and rooted in everything from blues, thrash, pro-metal, and everything in between. Of course we would like to take the music as far as possible, and the music scene isn’t what it was 10 years ago. There is, however, a resurgence and unity forming through tight knit groups. I’m looking forward to playing out more.

Kyle: Definitely have tons of Maryland pride and would love to be hometown heroes. A tight scene with plenty of talented bands in all kinds of sub genres of metal, and enough venues to keep the shows fresh. We would love to grow online and to be able to distribute nationwide, if not worldwide, while have a solid base in Maryland.

Steve: The Baltimore music scene has slowed a bit over the years. We do see a comeback awakening though as we prepare for more shows. As demand is needed for us to play elsewhere, we will discuss collectively, how far we’re able to travel as a band. I would love to travel the world spreading “Strength In Numbers!”

5. I saw that the band did a “Get To Know Us” FB live video, and seemed to generate some good buzz for the band. Are there any plans to continue doing these live videos, and how important do you think it is to connect with fans on a more personal level, rather than just making music and playing it?

Jesse: Absolutely! We want to interact with as many people as possible, and social media is a great platform to give people access to us from all around the globe. We plan to do a few up and coming live streams as well. We’d like to get to a point where we have cameras set up to stream practice sessions, writing sessions, as well as product reviews and so on.

Dave: In today’s climate of social media, you have people wanting “more” content, and they want it “now”. We will soon be creating more videos with a personal touch soon.

6. You guys just played your first show ever as a band, how did that go, and what was the response you got from the crowd?

Steve: It was an amazing first show. It felt great to get on stage, and the response was very solid. We had some minor complications, but for the most part, it went better than expected.

Jesse: We were welcomed by the scene with big ass open arms! No one had anything negative to say, and even if they did, we didn’t hear it. From the first to the last song of the set, people were glued to us. It had just stopped raining, and we were the first set outside after that. We had a little scare and sound checked 30 seconds into our set. It was a little scary, but holy hell was it awesome when it all came together!

7. What does the musical journey for From a Nightmare look like? How does that process come together to make music, and to release it to the fans?

Jesse: Some people don’t know this, but our singer Steve, is a good guitarist as well. Even though we don’t live together, a lot of our music is written in our home studios and dropped via the cloud. We bounce the music back and forth, and then get together for a couple of whole group writing sessions to finish it off. After that, it’s pre-production time, and we send off the stems to Josh Clark (joshclarkmusic.com) to set up our song templates. Then we just bang them out in the studio, and decide what makes the cut or not.

Steve: Jesse and I get together and write a majority of the songs. Each of us writes different riffs and uses them where needed in the song. Jesse has excellent perception on song structuring with rhythm and lead tracks. Our musical process is always evolving, and we hope to continue make awesome music, and to adapt as musicians.

8. In 2017, you released a self-titled EP, and stated that you had a great time writing and recording it. Are there any plans for the future to release more music?

Steve: On 7/23/2018, we released a new EP titled, “Two”, we’re super pumped, and depending on the response, we will continue to write and release songs.

Dave: New music is definitely our current point of focus. We had to knock the rust off of our live boots with the FateMaker show, and now it’s back to the lab. Stay tuned!

9. What do you envision for a 5 year plan for the band? Do you want to be signed to a label touring nation/worldwide, or do you see yourselves releasing a bunch of material and doing more local shows?

Jesse: We’d love to stay independent as long as possible, and continue releasing music. We’re all successful with our full time jobs, but any of us would drop everything to do a major tour if we could get the proper funding. Until then, we’re planning on doing more local shows, and some mini tours that we hope to book in the next year.

Kyle: Regional shows when needed for now, but as we’ve said, we love creating music, and want to share it with the world.

Steve: We will go wherever the music takes us. The drive and response from our fans, friends, and family will determine how far we travel as a band.

10. Let fans around the world know where they can get your EP “TWO”, and where they can purchase your other music, and follow you guys!

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/from-a-nightmare/1368041440 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3nxveOhkf4gm0oA5Wey8jX YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO46gwKS7dGcYcLEhdFa13w/featured Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FromANightmare/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fromanightmare/