Welcome, we’ve been expecting you.  

From the solitude of quarantine, From A Nightmare is back with new music, a new full-length album and a new perspective. With all this time…..there is so much we can do.  Never SAY Never! 

As we work towards the conclusion of the recording process for this release we are cranking through the final touches on the latest mixes (a la’ www.darkhollowstudios.com) and we should be signed, sealed, and delivered here shortly as they say. Jesse has been working with Casey Metzger to finalize all of the art work and material for the new release. 

Jesse’s wrapped up all of his guitar parts and is just adding some icing to the cake now…solos of course. It’s hard to find time to riff chasing a 20 month old around. But with her taking an interest in music already, maybe she’ll be writing the solos soon for poppa.  

Steve has shredded through just about all of the vocals for the album and is extremely eager to deliver new music to the masses. This guy’s boiling over with excitement….. 

Kyle is making some final tweaks on drum tracks for submission to Dark Hollow from his studio tracking loft and Dave is finalizing his bass tones to bring home the low end.  

We’ll it was nice chatting 😊 but we still got some work to do for the release. I think I have a recording session tonight? Wait….what day is it? Ugh…….Quarantine.